FRIONCON is a professional brain-power that assists businesses and organisations in reaching their goals through training and the implementation of best practices, ISO standards, European and other laws and regulations.


 FRIONCON LTD was established in 2011 by well qualified and experienced executives for the purpose of offering specialised services in the development and implementation of business organisation processes and procedures, professional training and business consultancy services.


These services are designed and delivered in line with international ISO standards and best practices. In addition, due consideration is given to market needs, local and European legislative framework, relevant international standards, the latest available scientific knowledge, and best practices in the field of training and consultancy.


FRIONCON and its pool of executives and personnel of well qualified and experienced professionals (consultants, trainers, researchers, training and administration officers) and associates specialized in a range of business related fields, provide Advisory and Consulting services that improve business processes effectively and efficiently.


Our team of professionals convey the necessary information, results and knowledge through the effective utilisation of a range of consultancy and training tools, such as audits, questionnaires, measurements, practical examples, case studies, audiovisual material, presentations, group-work, individual assignments, and extensive in-class discussions.


FRIONCON evaluates clients’ current infrastructure and procedures, extenuates potential weaknesses and makes recommendations on how to change its practices, assists client at all stages of the implementation process and provides support in complying with regulatory requirements and ISO certifications.